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Pulse of the Nation Index Vol 3

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The Penneys Pulse of The Nation Index

In our third edition of the Penneys "Pulse of the Nation" Index, we examine how families in Ireland are managing their finances today and Penneys’ customer trends during the cost of living crunch.

In partnership with Amárach Research, our third volume of the Penneys Pulse of the Nation Index explores how Irish people are feeling about their finances today – almost one year on from our first wave of research. This time around, we took a closer look at families to examine why parents are one of the most impacted groups of the cost-of-living crisis. We also looked at how renters, women, and households with a combined income of less than €30,000 are feeling the pressure, and how shoppers are getting savvy to make their money go further.

Take a look at our third Pulse of the Nation Index below:

The Penneys Pulse of the Nation Index Volume 3, 3.36MB

The Penneys Pulse of the Nation Index Infographic
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