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Behind The Scenes On International Women’s Day With Nicole Rodriguez Torres - Store Manager at Primark US

Nicole shares her experience as a store manager in Florida and explains how her career to date has led her to empowering Primark colleagues around the world.

My starting point

My Primark journey began two years ago as a store manager at Primark Sawgrass Mills in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida, USA, after nearly a decade in retail. Throughout my professional journey, I’ve managed stores in diverse locations like Plaza Las Americas, Puerto Rico, Aventura Mall, Miami International, and Sawgrass Mills. Each experience has been a steppingstone to the next opportunity, shaping me into the leader I am today by igniting my passion for empowering others.

Being a mentor in retail

In any retail environment, career mentorship is crucial for achieving success and establishing a lasting career with the right support. To me, mentoring is like nurturing the already existing seeds of potential in our colleagues and witnessing them grow into mighty trees. Retail is an industry where knowledge is shared and guidance is provided daily. This is crucial since it allows colleagues to have opportunities to build a meaningful and rewarding career in an industry they probably didn’t think was possible.

Sharing and learning from diverse voices

I recently participated in a global event, Primark Connect in Dublin, which brought together 1,700 colleagues from across the world for the first time. I was privileged to join a panel discussion on diversity and inclusion in our business, speaking on stage to thousands of my peers and industry leaders. Despite my nervousness, sitting alongside incredible Primark leaders who shared their own leadership and personal experiences, helped me gain confidence and connect with the audience. It allowed me to share my own unique experiences in my store.

Participating in the event was inspiring as I witnessed the power of diverse perspectives coming together to create a more meaningful dialogue. It reinforced the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing opportunities for growth, no matter the size or scale of the challenge.

Embracing what lies ahead

While no two days are ever the same in a Primark store, I prioritize creating mentorship opportunities and supporting my team members in their development journeys. Whether it’s offering guidance on commercial decisions, providing developmental feedback, or simply lending a listening ear, empowering others takes many forms. I recognize that all steps taken are important to helping people grow, no matter the position.

Together, we’re building a culture at Primark to be proud of, where everyone feels valued and supported. It’s motivating to encourage people to explore their own opportunities to grow and thrive, wherever their career path takes them.

Nicole Rodriguez Torres

US Store Manager, Sawgrass Mills, Florida US

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