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You can stop looking for that basic affordable T-shirt in recycled cotton, or the latest denim piece made with the help of recycled polyester. We’ve got you covered – because we're passionate about more sustainable fashion that’s still affordable. Together, let’s be part of the change the world needs.

What Our Clothes Say About Us – And You

Clothes matter. We know that, and we’re proud to have helped and inspired millions around the world to express themselves and who they are, through what they wear from Primark. But we also know that looking good can’t come at any price – and it certainly can’t cost the earth. We want people to feel good about what they are wearing – what it's made from and how it was made – as well as look good. And this matters more and more. Our hope? That by sharing what our clothes are made from, we can help everyone make more positive choices about how they want to dress and the impact that has on the planet.

For years we’ve been working to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of Primark products. We’ve done a lot already. But it’s not enough. So we’ve set ourselves ambitious commitments that focus on areas that will make the biggest difference. All of which are linked to clothing, which makes up around two thirds of our business. We know there’s more to do. So we’re making moves over the next nine years to make an even bigger difference. And of course, over time, we’ll be tackling some of the other areas of the business as well.

Sustainable Cotton Program - Primark Cares

Our Sustainable Cotton Program

We use a variety of manmade and natural fibers, but cotton is the main natural fiber used to make our products.

Love your clothes for longer through repair

Love your clothes for longer through repair

Our ambition is to encourage our customers to love and wear their clothes for longer. With attitudes and opinions towards repairing and reusing clothes changing, our customers have told us they want to learn more about repairing theirs.

Did you know?

We were one of the first on the High Street to launch a paper shopping bag made from 100% recycled materials that’s also 100% recyclable.

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