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My Space India - Worker Programme


My Space: Creating space for mental health in factories

Our My Space programme, in partnership with St. John's Medical College, aims to raise awareness about mental health issues in the workplace and reduce stigma around it for the workers in our supply chain in India.

In 2022 International Labour Organisation recognised the importance of a safe and healthy work environment as a fundamental principle and right in the workplace. This includes not just physical health and safety but also mental health.

Our experience to date has demonstrated that workplaces can play a valuable role in opening discussions around mental well-being to help remove stigmas and support the improved wellbeing of workers and managers alike. Our My Space programme in India, in partnership with St John’s Medical College, Bangalore, is an example of the way that we can drive behavioural change and extend support for mental health to workers.

The project includes raising awareness of and reducing the stigma around addressing mental health issues in the workplace. The project establishes basic counselling services in factories by the training of selected factory staff by medical professionals from St Johns and engaging with workers and managers to reduce the stigma around talking about mental health. We regularly follow up with the local teams to monitor and discuss progress. Numerous workers have been supported across a variety of problems. This project, which currently runs in 12 factories, builds trust between and among workers and management and facilitates open conversations about mental well-being. The programme trains carefully selected staff to become lay counsellors and engage colleagues to support their peers.

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