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Primark’s Packaging Optimization Program Wins At Supply Chain Excellence Awards

This award recognizes the work of Primark’s Packaging Optimization Program, which has contributed to a reduction in CO2 emissions across its whole supply chain as a result of less packaging being produced, transported and processed as waste.

The Supply Chain Excellence Awards have named Primark’s Packaging Optimization Program as the winner of the Environmental Improvement award at a ceremony in London on November 5th.

This award recognizes the work of Primark’s Packaging Optimization Program, which has contributed to a reduction in CO2 emissions across its whole supply chain as a result of less packaging being produced, transported and processed as waste.

Primark, in partnership with the packaging optimisation company PAC-D, has developed a program to train its suppliers’ factories to accurately measure products and efficiently package them into shipping cartons, eliminating empty space. It also optimizes the carton dimensions for maximum utilization of space in ocean containers and warehouse pallets.

To make the most impact, Primark started by training its largest suppliers, whose factories products make up 75% of Primark’s inbound carton volume. Primark is now planning on rolling out this program to more suppliers over the next year.

Over a nine-month period, the program has led to a 3.8% reduction (over 90,000 cubic meters) in packaging volume shipped and received, and has created a 4% reduction (2.26 million square meters) of corrugate material being produced, shipped and recycled. This in turn has led to a reduction in CO2 equivalent to over 9 million kilograms through a combination of reduced material usage, transportation and disposal.

Judge and editor of Logistics Manager magazine, Christopher Walton said: “Primark showed a strong initiative with ambition and scale. The program scored highly among the judges for its evidence of business benefits and for its performance management, with key metrics in place.”

Simon Luxmoore, Head of Central Supply Chain at Primark said: “We're delighted with the results of this program to date, which has reduced our overall volumes of packaging and greenhouse gas emissions. Our work to improve supply chain performance is just one part of Primark’s commitment to reducing our impact on the planet.”


About Primark:

Primark is an international retailer that offers the latest fashion, beauty and homeware at the best value around. Simply put: Amazing Fashion at Amazing Prices. First established in Dublin in 1969, we currently have over 370 stores, with over 15 million square feet of selling space in 12 countries: the Republic of Ireland, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, the US, Italy and Slovenia. We employ over 75,000 people and in our last financial year (FY 18/19) we opened 15 stores, creating over 4,500 new jobs, and received over 42,000 job applications for these stores.

People often ask how we can offer great products while keeping prices so low. It’s because we run Primark a little differently than other businesses. We do very little advertising, so no big TV ads. We only sell our products in stores – so no online shopping or delivery network. And we're always saving on the small stuff – like basic hangers and price tags – to keep costs low. That means we can offer great prices while always taking care of the things that really matter. We've been working hard for many years to make sure our products are made with care and respect for workers’ rights and the environment. The work of Primark’s Environmental Sustainability team, made up of over 110 experts, based in key sourcing countries covers a wide range of issue from the sourcing of raw materials such as cotton, the environmental impact of manufacturing processes in factories, and checking the standards we expect in our supply chain are being met. More information on Primark’s ethical trade and environmental sustainability programs can be found on our website here.

About PAC-D:

PAC-D is a professional packaging services company based in Hong Kong with offices and representation in the UK, China, Bangladesh, and USA. They're a sister company of Allport Cargo Services and EV Cargo focused on the delivery of supply chain optimization and sustainability via packaging design, engineering, and quality management services in key origins in China and across Asia. Allport Cargo Services is a global supply chain, logistics and freight forwarding company. Established in 1963, it's one of the UK’s leading independent freight forwarders, providing global, multi-modal, freight, logistics and value-added services to companies of every size in many sectors, with a high level of specialization in retail, fashion and consumer goods.

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