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Primark Sustainability and Ethics Progress Report 2021/22

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Launching our Primark Cares commitments last year was a defining moment for Primark. It set out a new vision for who we are as a business and our promise to change ourselves, and how we work, for the better.

As we launch the Primark Sustainability and Ethics Progress Report, we reflect on a foundational year, which was focused on developing the internal processes and programmes that will underpin the changes needed within Primark and across our value chain to deliver on our Primark Cares strategy.

At Primark, we are committed more than ever, to make more sustainable fashion affordable for all.

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Read more about our Environmental Insights into Carbon, Chemistry and Water.

Report Highlights

A note from our Primark Cares Director Lynne Walker on our Primark Cares strategy and commitments.


As part of our commitment to make clothes that can be recycled by 2027, this year, we’ve piloted a programme for some of our Product team and suppliers, designed to embed circular design thinking across all levels of the business.

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We’re working hard to reduce our carbon emissions and are committed to halving our carbon footprint across our value chain by 2030. We’re working in partnership with our sock suppliers to reduce energy and water consumption in China through the Clean by Design initiative.

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We’re committed to pursuing a living wage for workers in our supply chain and we continue to work within Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT) to help drive this target forward.

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