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Meet the Experts

Read how our experts are working to provide more sustainable choices.

Lynne Walker, Director of Primark Cares, gives the low-down on the retailer’s new sustainability strategy and its plans to become a circular and more sustainable business. Aimed at providing customers with more sustainable choices at affordable prices, the strategy builds on the work the company has been doing over the past decade. Lynne Walker expands on the strategy’s central commitments to reduce fashion waste, protect life on the planet and improve the lives of the people who make Primark clothes . She admits they are stretching and stresses that they can’t be achieved alone. Collaboration with many other organisations and Primark customers is key to success…

Primark CEO Paul Marchant lays out his vision for the fashion retailer as it begins an exciting new chapter in its journey towards becoming a more sustainable and ethical business. Penneys' latest sustainability commitments require changes in the way the company designs and manufactures its products through to how it sells them. The aim is to make sustainable fashion affordable for everyone. And Penneys can do it, Paul Marchant believes, because of its scale. But reducing fashion waste, halving its carbon footprint and improving the lives of workers who make Penneys products also brings challenges. Not just for Penneys but for the fashion industry as a whole. Primark’s CEO talks openly about the need to be honest and to do more so that the brand can evolve.

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