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Breast Cancer Awareness 2023


Breast Cancer Awareness 2023

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Primark has launched its third Breast Cancer Awareness collection.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Around 55,000 women in the UK are diagnosed every year and 1 in 7 will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.*

It exists in every country in the world, affecting women of all ages. Yet, being common doesn’t mean being the same – it's different for every woman every day.

This year, we worked with a group of women experiencing and living with breast cancer who candidly and bravely shared their stories and their experiences. Though our campaign ‘A Life in the Day’, which highlights their low days, their good days and their mundane in-between days, we are reminded of the importance of simply supporting and understanding women through their journeys.

We asked these women to share their realities, advice and personal experiences. Here’s to them.


Kendra – Diagnosed at 48

What I wish I’d known... At the time when I was at my lowest, sobbing my heart out, I wish I had known that I wouldn’t let cancer defeat me, that I would be strong and I would come back more confident and satisfied with who I am. That I would be a survivor living to support others to survive.

Amy J

Amy J – Diagnosed at 24

Best advice I was given.... This moment is only temporary.


Rhakima – Diagnosed at 34

Advice I’d give... Don’t be afraid to self-examine, be encouraged and proud of the bravery it took for you to take the first step to save your life.

Amy B

Amy B – Diagnosed at 34

What I wish I’d known... How quickly your whole world and outlook can change in one appointment.

Did You Know?

One woman in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes.*

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

At Primark, we are committed to supporting women for life. We are dedicated to being a brand that makes women feel confident and uplifted today, tomorrow and always. We want to bring care and comfort through our ever-evolving and innovative product range.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we have launched our third Breast Cancer Awareness collection. The collection includes 32 leisurewear, nightwear, underwear and beauty products across two ranges: the post-surgery range, a permanent collection which will be available year-round in selected stores, which includes specialist products developed for women experiencing breast cancer, and the solidarity range, a collection aimed at raising awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Post-Surgery Range

The post-surgery products have been developed with support and comfort in mind, using the latest product innovations. The fabric aims to address tenderness, swelling and hot flushes, all of which can be experienced by women during treatment, post-surgery and as they recover.

This year’s collection features specialist underwear, leisurewear and nightwear products, featuring front zip closing options, wireless structures, and prosthesis pockets. Key stand outs include the ever-popular wireless t-shirt bra, featuring intricate detailing on the straps and side panelling of the bra, as well as a pretty lace bralette bringing together a careful blend of fashion and function.

New to the collection this year is a post-surgery sports bra, swimsuit and bikini. The post-surgery sports bra is designed with a lightweight fabric, infused with Lycra Sport yarn and provides exceptional recovery power, fit and freedom of movement. The bra is lined in cotton to ensure breathability and cool comfort. Both the bikini top and swimsuit have been designed using super soft fabrics to offer ultimate comfort and include a pocket opening on both side to allow prosthesis to be worn. With prices starting from £7 the post-surgery collection is available in selected stores now and will be available year-round.

Primark Post-Surgery Range - Black Lace Bra
Primark Post-Surgery Range - Seamless Bra
Primark Post-Surgery Range - Seamless Bra

Did You Know?

In developing this product collection over the last few years we have consulted with women who are currently experiencing breast cancer or have gone through treatment for breast cancer in the past. This has allowed us to understand how we can develop a product that is specialist, yet fashionable and affordable.

Solidarity Range

This year’s solidarity range features leisurewear products including hoodies, t-shirts, nightwear, underwear and cosy clog slippers. The half zip hoodie and jogging pants come in a dark, charcoal grey embossed with the synonymous pink breast cancer ribbon and the range will also feature an embroidered pink t-shirt. For the first time ever, the solidarity range will feature Primark’s popular Snuddie, available in bright pink.

This year will also see three of our most popular beauty products launch with a special-edition pink makeover, including our highly sought-after moisture barrier priming cream, our refreshing moisture setting spray and high shine lip gloss. The collection will be available in selected Primark stores from 2nd October for a limited time only with prices starting from £3.50.

Primark Solidarity Range - Cosy Sherpa Pajama Set
Primark Solidarity Range - Priming Cream
Primark Solidarity Range - Pajama Set and Snuddie

We want to showcase to our customers and colleagues that we’re here to bring care and comfort through our product range, whether you’re shopping in-store with us or using our Click + Collect service, our commitment to accessibility and affordability of products remains.

Showing Our Support

Alongside the product collection, we’re donating £1 million to cancer charities across Europe and the US. The donation will go towards raising awareness of the importance of self-examination and ensuring world-class research and services can continue to be provided to women affected by cancer. This is our largest ever donation to cancer charities and is part of our commitment to support and empower women, no matter what life brings.

In addition to the donation, Primark is giving customers the opportunity to contribute to our chosen charity partners through the in-store till fundraising initiative that will be live in a number of stores during October. All of the proceeds from stores will be donated to the local charities, including Breast Cancer Now in the UK.

Breast Cancer Awareness 2023 - Primark Solidarity Range pink t-shirt

*Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer – World Cancer Research Fund.

*One woman in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes. - Breast Cancer Now.

*Around 55,000 women in the UK are diagnosed every year and 1 in 7 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime – Breast Cancer Now.

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