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Primark Join M&S and WUKA's Call On Government To Remove VAT From Period Pants

We’re committed to supporting and empowering women for life and are delighted to pledge our support to this important initiative.

At Primark we are delighted to pledge our support to Say Pants to the Tax, an important campaign that’s the result of some great work by M&S and WUKA and calls on the UK Government to make period pants VAT free. We have committed that any reductions to the VAT on period pants would be passed directly on to our customers.

Unlike tampons and other period products, period pants are currently classified as a garment and as a result are subject to VAT at 20%. We agree that this isn’t fair and so we’re joining M&S, WUKA and other signatories in pledging our support.

We encourage all of our colleagues and customers to show their support too and sign the petition here:

Kari Rodgers, Primark UK Retail Director, said: “We are happy to get behind this important initiative and applaud M&S and WUKA for leading the charge. We believe that period pants should be as affordable and accessible to as many as possible and this small change will make a difference for many of our customers and colleagues. This campaign is about ensuring wherever you shop, you aren’t unfairly penalised when buying period products.”

At Primark we are committed to supporting and empowering women for life. It is a commitment that drives us through our products, our actions and our promise to support women, no matter what life brings. We are dedicated to being a brand that makes women feel confident and uplifted today, tomorrow and always.

That’s why in our stores you will see products that you want and need and are innovative and specialised. This is about looking – and feeling - good every day with great quality products which are affordable to as many women as possible.

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