Eliminating non-clothing Waste

Eliminating non-clothing waste

Our aim is to eliminate single-use plastics and all our non-clothing waste by 2027. Since 2019, we estimate to have removed over 600 million units of single-use plastic packaging units from our business.

Clothes hangers account for around 65% of the total single-use plastic we use. We are aiming to move to 100% recycled materials for all of our hangers. Where possible, we’re also making sure any plastic used in our packaging is from recycled materials or materials that can be reused.

We have also redesigned the packaging for our bra accessories and headphones, making it fully recyclable using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified backing card. We estimate that this will remove approximately 38 tonnes of non-recyclable PVC material from our packaging, potentially avoiding 1.3 million units of non-recyclable packaging a year going to landfill.

We have also removed plastic hooks from the packaging for our socks and tights, removing an estimated 16 tonnes of single-use plastic out of our business. This potentially avoids over 23 million units of plastic packaging going to landfill each year.