Primark pledges to protect prices on more than a thousand kids’ products

Primark pledges to protect prices on more than a thousand kids’ products
  • Prices frozen on hundreds of Primark’s best-selling essential kids’ items ahead of back to school rush

Primark will protect the prices on more than a thousand of its essential kids’ products as it seeks to help family finances go further amid the rising cost of living.

The pledge to freeze prices across many of its kids’ lines comes in response to the increasing pressure felt by households up and down the country. From underwear to t-shirts, to dresses and jeans, it will hold prices this autumn across many of its most popular products.

Paul Marchant, Primark Chief Executive, said: “Offering the very best value on the high street has always been at the heart of our brand, and is more important than ever today. Kids grow fast, and replacing their clothing is an essential task for families – we hope that by protecting the prices on our essential kids’ items we can help in some small way.”

The commitment to protect prices will mean families can pick up the following essentials* ready for the new term:

Many of the products under the price freeze have the added benefit of falling under the Primark Cares label, meaning they are made from recycled or more sustainably sourced materials. This includes the long sleeve kids’ t-shirt and jeans, which are made with cotton from the Primark Sustainable Cotton Programme (PSCP), the biggest of its kind of any fashion retailer. The programme trains farmers to grow cotton using more sustainable farming methods, which helps to reduce environmental impact and improves their livelihoods.

To find your nearest Primark store, browse the latest kids’ options and check stock availability in advance visit:

* Prices shown relate to younger kids’ (1.5 to 8 years) products and the most popular products within those categories. In some cases, lower prices may be available on more limited volume ranges. While the majority of prices on kids’ products have been protected, there will be some selective price increases, but in those cases where prices do change, Primark remains committed to offering the best value on the high street.