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There's something very special about the Primark brand: our customers love Primark for the products we sell, the experience they have in our stores and our amazing prices. These things will never change.

Primark Cares is all about changing how we do business and goes to the very heart of what we do. We believe that our customers shouldn't have to choose between affordability and sustainability. So we’re building in a more sustainable approach as a standard benchmark, not an optional extra that costs more. This means changing how we work throughout our own operations and our supply chain, using Primark’s scale for good. We want to make products that last, so they can be worn and loved for even longer by our customers, or handed down, resold or recycled. And we want to play a prominent role in driving industry-level transformation. The ambition of Primark Cares is to make more sustainable fashion affordable for all. And show that our amazing prices don’t have to come at a high cost to the planet, or to the people who make our clothes.

Our Standards - Primark Cares

Our Standards

We're weaving sustainability through every aspect of our business and supply chain. To achieve this, we’ve put policies and procedures in place to ensure that our suppliers meet our high standards. And that if issues or concerns arise, they’re quickly brought to our attention.

Meet The Experts - Primark Cares

Meet the Experts

Our team of experts and our partners talk all things ethics and sustainability and how we're working together to give our clothes a longer life, reduce our impact on the planet and improve the livelihoods of the people who make our products.

Partners - Primark Cares


We’re committed to following the due diligence guidance outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains.

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